Jen Long
Jen Long
Oct 9, 2015 · 1 min read

I want to make a map. Of San Francisco.

I want to make a map of San Francisco. Like, a really good map. A map that you can search. A map that contains not just places but the things in them. Not just streets but the things on them. Basketball hoops, public benches, vintage tile, chai, brown corduroys, black boots for kids. A map that takes note of everything around you. A map that keeps you out of Walgreens because you realized that your corner store sells shoelaces. A map that takes you to Walgreens because they, apparently, have that rare Japanese-made photo paper that you’re looking for.

A map that catalogues everything, organized in a taxonomy of stuff-ness, that is not based on web pages. It is based on the stuff itself. Every acupuncturist (definitely), every cup of coffee (probably), every tree (maybe). A map that helps you have more fun because you never knew that the park 10 blocks away had a bocce ball court. A map that helps you see your city differently.

I want to make a map of San Francisco.
So I’m going to start.

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