Pink Dot and the right of tolerance and intolerance

As we celebrate Pink Dot and push back the bigoted cultural conservatives for the rights to love and to fight LGBT discrimination; let us not take Pink Dot into regression into a militant LGBT activism. Tolerance and intolerance goes both ways.

Remembering how Target & the LGBT community ignored cries of people who weren’t in support of their bathroom policies to allow people into the bathrooms which corresponded of their gender identity.

Remembering how Brendan Eich, ex-CEO of Firefox was forced to resign because he donated the Prop8 Campaign in California which was against gay marriage.

Remembering how Obama and the DOJ threatened to redraw federal funding & to use the Civil Rights Act against North Carolina because they refused to support HB2. (and the irony of them all? Paypal withdrew jobs from North Carolina because of it, and yet went ahead to set up offices in Middle East where there were even more blatant disregard towards LGBT & female rights, because, priorities right?)

Remembering how liberals in New York City lead a public boycott of Chick-Fil-A because the CEO spoke out in support of traditional marriage.

Remembering how gay activists going around getting Christian bakeries to bake cakes in support of gay marriages, and then suing those who refuse to. Kern’s Bakey of Texas was sued for refusing to bake one.

As Samuel Taylor Coleridge puts it, “I have seen gross intolerance shown in support of tolerance.” And there has been deep intolerance coming from exactly the same group of people who preach for tolerance.

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