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In The 100,000-student classroom, Peter Norvig explains the process he took in creating a successful online course. He goes over what traditional learning is and how he wanted emulate that online.

“Everyone is both a learner and a teacher.”

If anyone has ever wondered about taking an online course, Norvig definitely makes you want to sign up for one of his courses. He explains that his idea of online teaching was interactive, short, and friendly for all students to try. His explanation of how technology played such a big role in the success of students communicating with each other other was also very interesting to hear.

In A 12-year-old App Developer, Thomas Suarez goes over how he go into app development and the problem of teaching technology in early education. He also goes over some of the solutions he made a his school.

“But not many parents write apps. Where do you go to find out how to make an app?”

For anyone who is at all interested in app development or just hearing about a young boys journey into technology, I would highly recommend this video to you. Learning about the issues with technology not being taught a lot in early education is very shocking as well. Overall, great video to watch about technology and the next generation.

“8 Technologies That Will Shape Future Classrooms” does a great job of showcasing some future technologies that are within reach and applies them to the classroom. This article explains how some not so far off technologies are already present/coming soon to the classroom for educational purposes.

What’s a better present for your 10-year-old than a LEGO set? How about a 3D printer, one specifically for children?

For anyone who is up to date on modern technologies that are being made more accessible this is an awesome article to check out. The author does a great job on introducing how these technologies could be integrated into the educational system as well. Learning about how technologies are being adapted for educational purposes made me question what teaching at Gonzaga would be like in a few years.

In “Technology in schools: Future changes in classrooms,” Jane Wakefield discusses the coming change in how classes are taught, and less on the technology that is being integrated into classrooms. By showing the audience examples of the flipped classroom and the cloud classroom, Wakefield is able to explain what the future might hold for education.

“The teacher’s role becomes one of a guide, while students watch lectures at home at their own pace”

This article is a great recap of what we went over earlier in the semester, mentioning Sugata Mitra and his computer in the wall experiment. This is also very relevant for anyone who has used or heard of Khan Academy, mentioning that type of classroom learning as well. This article should be interesting to everyone, since we have all been through some type of education and know about the old process and how it might change.

“What is the future technology in Education” talks about how what technology will be the one to completely change education in the future. By talking about the cloud and how everything links to it, Matt Britland is able to convince the audience about the real future for education. Also by talking about the applications of the cloud, he is able support this idea.

“We don’t know what the new ‘in’ device will be in the future. What we do know, is that it will need the cloud.”

If you are at all interested in the education or technology field, this article is important for both parties. This article shows applications of how the cloud might be used in future classrooms, and gets anyone who is interested in technology very intrigued. Knowing what technologies will be important in your future kids schooling is rather important also. This article does a great job of explaining what the cloud is capable of in general as well.

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