One of the key seminars taking place during the 3rd Eastern Economic Forum to be held at Vladivostok, Russia on September 6 and 7, 2017 will focus on the development of gem-cutting and jewellery manufacturing facilities and will be addressed by a number of leading personalities from the global diamond industry, including ALROSA President Sergey Ivanov.

The session, to be held on September 6 will focus on recent developments in the growth of infrastructure for launching new gem-cutting and jewellery manufacturing facilities and the programme recently launched by ALROSA to provide financial assistance to diamond cutters.

Other issues that will be deliberated on are: What are the factors that determine the global competitiveness of a location for attracting investment in diamond-cutting? How can the Russian Far East succeed in competing for investors in this sector? How will the programme of financial support for diamond cutters operate? What impact could eliminating duties and other financial restrictions have on Russian diamond-cutting enterprises and their investors? Could Russian diamonds as an international brand provide a competitive advantage for Russian diamond cutters?

The panel comprises:

Yevgeny Sachkov — General Director, Eurasian Diamond Centre

Sergei Ivanov — President, Member of the Supervisory Board, PJSC ALROSA
Erik Jens — Global Head for Diamond and Jewellery Clients, ABN AMRO Bank NV
Sandeep Kothari — Managing Director, KGK Group
Alex Popov — Chairman, Chief Executive Officer, World Diamond Mark Foundation
Ezriel Rapaport — Director of Global Trading, Rapaport Auctions

Other leading members of the industry and key officials from the Russian government will also be participating in the discussions.

Another session, also on September 6, will discuss “Russia–India: Identifying New Opportunities” where business leaders from the two countries will discuss the steps required and some of the obstacles that need to be overcome to increase trade and economic cooperation between the two countries.

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