Live Training Program Launched to Help Kentucky and Tennessee Professionals Grow Their Business Online

This post originally appeared here: Live Training Program Launched to Help Kentucky and Tennessee Professionals Grow Their Business Online

I am happy to announce that I have recently launched an online training program to help local business owners, entrepreneurs and other professionals to better leverage their company’s online presence.

Why offer free training?

As a web designer and online marketer, I hate to see entrepreneurs passing up opportunities to grow their business. This happens all to often in my local area of the Hopkinsville Kentucky / Clarksville Tennessee area. Many local businesses either have no website, have an outdated website or simply have a website that is not doing everything it could for their business.

Of course as a web design and SEO consultant, I would ideally like to help those entrepreneurs directly by revamping their Internet marketing strategy myself, however I recognize that this is not something all business owners are in a position to do.

For that reason I have launched a new section to this website,, where I will be hosting monthly live training sessions to help educate local professionals on how they can make their web presence work harder for their business. All live training sessions will be completely free to attend, and will typically include other free resources that they can download for later use in applying the concepts taught in the live webinars.

What will be covered?

These live training sessions will deep dive into things like business blogging, optimizing websites for conversions, understanding critical design concepts, and using search engine optimization and other tactics to get traffic to a company website. The key ingredient that makes these webinars useful however, is thatall concepts will be explained in plain English. I know that the jargon, acronyms and concepts that are common in web design, marketing and search engine optimization are typically quite foreign to most business owners. That is why I will be giving plenty of attention to explaining these concepts in an easy to understand way that is highly actionable for any professional who wishes to implement them.

This in no way means that the information will be watered down or less useful. On the contrary, I will be teaching many of the core concepts and strategies I use in assisting my own clients. All information presented in these live training sessions will be proven methods that I have personally tested and found to be effective.

When will the training sessions start?

If these training sessions sound like something that you or someone in your company could benefit from, I encourage you to sign up for our first training session scheduled for Wednesday, March 30th 2016. This first session will cover how to get traffic to your website quickly and easily, how to ensure your website is really and truly useful to your potential customers, and how you can motivate your website visitors to convert into loyal customers.

I hope to see you there! Click here to register!

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