Local SEO Masterclass Live Training on Wednesday, April 27th

This post originally appeared here: Local SEO Masterclass Live Training on Wednesday, April 27th

Want to get started in SEO for your business?

Perhaps you are a local business owner who isn’t quite sure where to start when it comes to local SEO. Maybe you have tried to explore local SEO in the past, but gave up because it was too complicated.

I’m excited to invite you to join me and many other local business owners on Wednesday, April 27th for the free live training session “Local SEO Masterclass for Local Business Owners.”

This in-depth training session will explain even complex SEO terms in simple terms, and will present the most up-to-date search engine optimization practices that you can immediately apply to your own business website. You will learn how to perform your own local SEO audit, what tools to use for SEO, how to optimize your own site, how to build backlinks wisely and effectively, how to replicate your competitor’s most valuable backlinks, and even how to develop your own SEO strategy.

If you have ever tried to learn SEO and given up, I encourage you to join us for this session. I know I am super excited to share this information with all of you, and I know you will benefit greatly from the information presented.

Click here to register for this free live training session!>>

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