What’s Your Ritual?

A Year of Being Better — Day 25 of 365

Thursday, January 28th, 2016 — Approx. 9:10 P.M.

An excellent way to adopt a proactive mindset and start taking more conscious control of the environment we put ourselves in is to establish morning and/or evening rituals.

In an earlier post I talked about establishing routines in general. Here I want to highlight the value of having rituals that govern how you spend the first hours (or minutes) after you wake up and the hours (or minutes) before you go to sleep.

Setting a specific routine when you wake up or go to bed allows you to program your body and mind to shift into a different gear at those times

When I wake up, I want to feel inspired and energetic. I want to feel ready to push my hardest toward the goals I have set for myself that day and I want to feel capable of achieving those goals. Establishing a morning ritual has allowed me to do that. I’ve found a set of tasks and activities that put me in the right mindset to be productive and happy throughout the day.

However when I’m getting ready to sleep, that is the opposite of what I want. I want to relax, wind down and review my day so that I can do better tomorrow. I want to take some time for myself and to plan out tomorrow. And then I want to sleep. Hard. Sticking to an evening ritual allows me to relax and unwind while signaling my body that it’s almost time to sleep.

Morning and evening rituals reduce decision fatigue and help you to regularly hit peak performance mentally. When you find a set of activities that really make you feel good, you’ll never want to give them up.

Routines don’t have to be rigid, limiting things. When used correctly, they give your day structure and put you in the right mindset to accomplish your goals.

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Do you use morning or evening rituals? What are they? Leave a comment below!

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