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Hi friend,

Dream Team

Everything the light touches is Randa’s

I traveled to Egypt with 4 close friends from RISD in August of 2017. There, we were welcomed into Habiba’s home & family with warmth and hospitality. We saw epic sights, laughed, lounged, ate and took way too many laxatives.

001-Home sweet home

This is where you’ll find my logs of travels past present future, with intermittent bursts of visuals, sound and thought.

01 — Monday May 16, 2016


I’m awake. God this is awful, why am I doing this to myself? Feels…

Embracing different cultural norms with open arms

venturing step by step in my red vans

Jie Gao

Nomadic, currently in Mexico City. Part designer, part entrepreneur, part surfer. Previously @airbnb.

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