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Many of you are either thinking about, in the midst of, or just about to start freelancing. For those of you who’ve reached out, sorry for the wait. Maybe you’re looking for some answers, a plan, even some inspo. Fret not, this is a resource I put together for you.


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Freelance / Remote Life tips

These are some of the most common questions I’ve gotten from you all about freelancing / working remotely.

Things that scare you include: Finding work, knowing how much to charge, taxes, tools & resources for freelancers, how remote works, negotiating contracts, work / life balance, WFH life, how to work & travel at the same time. The list goes on…. but I’m here to share w/ u the insights I’ve gathered from living dat Nomadic Lyfe for the past 1 1/2 yrs. Ps. 90% of the things I’ll talk about are related to UX, Product design or some kind of Graphic design position. …

A reflection: 365 days after leaving Airbnb

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Dream Team

It’s been a full year since I left Airbnb. 365 days of nomadic living, travel, adventure & growth. I’ve met some amazing people on the way and made some memories I will cherish forever. I feel very priviledged.

Leaving Airbnb wasn’t an easy choice. It scared me a lot to venture out into the unknown, not knowing exactly what I was searching for, and leaving behind a group of truly amazing coworkers/friends. …

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Everything the light touches is Randa’s

I traveled to Egypt with 4 close friends from RISD in August of 2017. There, we were welcomed into Habiba’s home & family with warmth and hospitality. We saw epic sights, laughed, lounged, ate and took way too many laxatives.

I kept note of thoughts & feels in my travel diary, here are some excerpts —


Cairo day 3. At Habibas home. Beautiful, hot, humid, homey. …


Jie Gao

Nomadic, currently in Mexico City. Part designer, part entrepreneur, part surfer. Previously @airbnb.

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