A Change In Leadership

In October 2010, I took my co-founder Jerry to lunch and pitched him my half-formed thoughts on how data and connectivity would completely change every aspect of the automotive industry. I told him we should start a company to go after the opportunity and he was game. That began the journey of Automatic. Little did we know that the entire automotive and transportation industries were on the cusp of major change and we would get to play our small role in that. I’m still amazed by how far we’ve come six years later.

Starting a company is like sprinting a marathon. I can barely believe I’ve been at it for six years. But, it’s now time for me to find more balance and a leader who is better suited for Automatic’s next stage of growth. I’m stepping aside from the CEO role and handing over the baton to Gary Clayton. Gary knows Automatic well having served as an independent director on our board for more than two years. He’s a seasoned executive who brings to Automatic exactly what we need at this stage. He has been an advisor, mentor and friend and I’m delighted that I now get to work with him in this new role. I’m going to continue working closely with Gary and the rest of the leadership team at Automatic as a board director.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all my amazing teammates at Automatic. In all my time as CEO of Automatic, I can take credit for only one thing — assembling the best team in this space, by far. It was a privilege to lead the smart and passionate group of people who came into work every day with me. I’m deeply grateful for the bet they placed on Automatic.

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