MadWorld Day 2

  • They are not responsive
  • Bad for accessibility and usability
  • They have slow loading times as the browser has to translate image map code
  • There is no visual indication of hot spots
  • Their only feature is to redirect users to a link
  • They are nearly impossible to code by hand
  • Finally, they suck — as a side note, Mike was pretty animated about this as well as the correct way to pronounce GIF (hard G). He mentioned fighting people over differing opinions on these issues, so you might just want to agree with him.
  • The pop-ups can appear inside the image, they do not have to be outside it.
  • The pop-ups move responsively to where the image is on the screen.
  • They only support square-ish and round-ish hotspots (no big deal IMO)
  • They require a third-party jQuery plugin — qTip2
  • They are maintained by one person (who I might add has strong opinions about “GIF” vs “JIF”)
Scott presents his cool ideas
  • A way to copy samples of Prism code from HTML outputs.
  • A way to generate tag clouds in topics instead of maintaining relationship tables.
  • A way that users can easily export tables to multiple formats from the HTML output.
Goodbye San Diego!




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