Why YOU Are The One Who Knocks!

Fear can overwhelm and control even the strongest and most successful people.

Maybe fear is keeping you from trying again and again and again.

You are the manager and CEO of your life. No one else is responsible for you. So it IS up to you to take control of whatever is in your way. Through it, around it, over it, under it…whatever works. Maybe you will knock it down before it can stop you.

YOU may be constantly worried about the “knock at the door.” The “danger” beyond the door.

Guess what? There is nothing you can do about it. You cannot prevent it. You have no way of knowing if, when, and what the “knock” will be.

Who cares? The only way to prepare is be the one who knocks…stay with me for a second.

You can wreak havoc too. You can be the bad guy or the good guy. There are two sides of The Force, if you will.

You are capable of what chaotic destiny has in store for you. You have no choice, time will pass and things will happen anyway, no need to fear.

You CAN get up and try again. Many have done it. Actually, there are quite of few that have.

It is mathematically impossible to prove that ALL highly accomplished people have been knocked down, like some sort of prerequisite, to being admired by their peers and considered “the best.” I think it is impossible to be the best at anything without failing first. “The bigger you fail, the bigger you succeed,” may be an unprovable .

Whether it be best Mom or Dad, a Nobel prize winning scientist, the future inventor of a cure for Ebola, or an artist. You DON’T KNOW what the future will bring.

What we can reasonably know is that something will happen, someone or some thing will knock, just make sure you do your share of the knocking that you are capable of.

It’s there.

Stand up for yourself

Famous People Who Knocked:

Theodor Seuss Geisel had his first book rejected by 27 different publishers.

Lucille Ball began her career in so many bad movies she was known as “The Queen of B Movies.”

Henry Ford had a bad reputation after 2 failed automobile businesses before staring “Ford.”

Sir James Dyson created 5,126 failed prototypes over 15 years before his famous successful vacuum cleaner.

Stephen King threw away his first draft of “Carrie.” His wife found it in the garbage and told him it was good.

Thomas Edison’s was told by his teachers he was “too stupid to learn anything.”

Michael Jordan is considered by many the greatest basketball players of all time. He was cut from his high school basketball team because his coach didn’t think he had enough skill.

Warren Buffet was rejected by Harvard University.

Richard Branson is a high school dropout.

At one of Sidney Poitier’s early auditions, the director angrily tell him to stop wasting his time.

Albert Einstein had difficultly learning at an early age.

An executive wrote that Fred Astaire: “Can’t sing. Can’t act. Slightly balding. Can dance a little.”

J.K. Rowling was a single mom on welfare when she began writing her first “Harry Potter” novel.

Charles Darwin was considered an average student.

Vincent Van Gogh sold only one painting in his life.

Walt Disney was fired because he “lacked imaginationand had no good ideas.”

Steven Spielberg was rejected by the University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts.

Walter White (SPOILERS) was once a promising chemist and among the founders of the multi-billion dollar company Gray Matter Technologies, but he soon left, selling his shares for $5,000 and becoming a high school chemistry teacher.

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