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Three Takeaways from The Last Jedi [Spoilers]

The Last Jedi is a fantastic movie. And the split criticism is very telling to me that the Star Wars fanbase isn’t on the same page as the professional storytellers steering the franchise. That’s ok. Anyway, here’s three things to take away from The Last Jedi.

Pictured: three whiny men and a hero

a) The galaxy is now being run by a Dark Side vaudeville troupe. Which is kind of hilarious. Yeah, Kylo Ren is a murderer and evil and all that, but he’s still a whiny little brat. (He is a Skywalker, after all.) And General Hux is openly disrespected by friends and foes alike. The potential for comedic gold here is unlimited.

b) Rian Johnson clearly has a plan. And part of that plan was to scrap JJ’s plan. Now with JJ coming back for Episode 9, will JJ scrap Johnson’s plan? That’d be a huge mistake, in my opinion. I respect JJ’s abilities as a producer and director, but he’s not the greatest writer or plot-man in the business. Johnson is clearly superior in that respect — just watch Looper. I know they gave Johnson his own trilogy, which is cool, but JJ better not start getting insecure and too big to ask for help.

c) Star Wars fans are the worst. Seriously, though. I’m a Trekkie and have no problem telling CBS they’re making mistakes with the franchise, but the difference here is night and day. Disney has not only resurrected Star Wars — because I hate to remind everyone, but George Lucas made Star Wars a punchline for the Nineties and Aughts — but they’ve also blown the door open into creating new stories in a familiar universe. JJ Abrams was tasked with putting Star Wars at the top of nerd pyramid again, and he succeeded brilliantly. He gave us the formula we love with the ingredients we love. Rian Johnson was tasked with taking the franchise into a new future where the formula changed but the ingredients remained. And he’s done so brilliantly.

For some asinine reason, it’s now trendy to hate The Force Awakens because it was too similar to other Star Wars movies. But it’s also trendy to hate The Last Jedi because it was a different type of storytelling. And apparently Rogue One is currently a fan favorite because it had Vader killing the good guys. Star Wars fans are the worst. And they’re also actively sabotaging the franchise they love (to death?). Make no mistake:Disney cares about money. Disney will have zero problem sacrificing matured storytelling (like The Last Jedi) for sure-bets (like The Force Awakens). So maybe don’t give The Last Jedi a 53% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes, ok? Ok. Good talk.