Human rights have functioned as an important social technology in the 20th century — as an attempt to constrain the behavior of states with respect to their citizens. But the concept of human rights, as I’ve previously noted, suggests a post-Westphalian international order, and according to strict standards of human…

The modern concept of human rights is historically anomalous and the product of conscious, philosophical and institutional effort.

Human rights emerged prominently in the post-World War II era — and for good reason, given the horrors of mechanized warfare and atrocities inflicted on European populations, Jews, and other minorities. This…

You may have seen the recent article that both discussed my participation on a hard-right mailing list and alleged a conspiracy to infiltrate conservatism from some years ago. I thought I’d give a longer statement here.

As a new journalist in my early twenties at the time, I was looking…

Jonah Bennett

Jonah Bennett is Editor-in-Chief of Palladium Magazine. Jonah Bennett is also a graduate student in international relations. Site:

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