Help me train my A.I to learn how you feel

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Don’t you hate it that people that you’ve just met, think they know all about you? I mean, you cannot figure out a person just by having a 5-minute chat. Or can you? *Drumroll*

Let’s find out! Help me see if Richard, AgentRisk’s Artificially Intelligent investment advisor can learn something about you by asking you less than 20 questions.

Do you think that 20 questions are not enough?

20 questions may not seem a lot, until you realize that, sadly, financial advisors (human or robo-advisor) get to “know” you by having you answer 5 to 7 questions maximum. The questions are captain-obvious and depend too much on your mental state at that time. So if you are having a great day, you will be probably get flagged as an aggressive investor, whereas if you’ve just had your portfolio destroyed by participating in an ICO, you will be tagged as conservative. Good times!

What we at AgentRisk have been doing for a while now, is have Richard ask some of our customers questions, categorize them in one of four categories (based on a psychological profile and some behavioural metrics — yes I will post about this as well and it’s mind blowing stuff).

Then Richard dynamically re-adjusts their risk profile to either go for a riskier strategy or, if they get overly anxious, protect their assets for the short term.

Of course, the system is currently supervised and the participating customers are informed of any decisions.

However, in order to make a breakthrough, I need a bigger dataset to play with and that’s where you come in.

Help me see whether an A.I can figure out how you “feel” with less than 20 questions by filling up this questionnaire, it only takes 1 minute and won’t add you to any mailing list, I promise! After the results come in, I will send you an email with what the A.I thinks about you.