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A Historical Non-Fiction Web Serial

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Weimar Republic Berlin

“Change happens through movement and movement heals.”
―Joseph Pilates

Late June 1929. Charlottenburg, Berlin, Germany

Dore’s supper party started early that evening after Friedrich had gone. The guests arrived in huddled groups, leaning into one another on the stoop for shelter from the summer rain. First came Dore’s mother and younger sister. She could see their home-made felt cloche hats crumpled against one another through the window as she limped to open the door for them

The pair hurried inside with a grim, tight-lipped greeting for Dore. Her mother had not taken the news of her planned adventure very well. Even drenched, their hats held their bowl shape better than her own effort. She’d wanted to buy one (after all who would have known?) …


Jon Timmons

Writer. Co-Host of Midnight Murderama Podcast. Check out more of my work at

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