I Found Out What My Spirit Animal Is…

“Josh what do you think your spirit animal is?” said one of my coworkers.

Thrown off by the question, my mind began rattling for an answer. Bear, wolf, lion, tiger. All the standard responses came to me because those are usually what people aim to be. There’s a sense of attraction to those four-legged muscled warriors but I just couldn’t bring myself to say that.

Instead I chose one of the toughest animals I’ve ever seen, the Honey Badger. Although it’s small and doesn’t look tough, the Honey Badger is a bad ass mother fucker. He’ll punch snakes in the face, he’ll stick his hand in a fire ant hole and eat all them little assholes.

But alas, I was not the Honey Badger. He’s a great animal but he’s not MY animal. This was something I had to think about. What was the animal that represented my spirit? Well, first I needed to look at my spirit. What were the qualities I see myself to have.

Here’s a list of the few I could think of:

  • I love to build and create new things each and every day
  • I feel the need to help others and to teach them
  • I grow weak when hurt rather than angry
  • I enjoy seeing people happy and working towards what they want
  • I will protect and care for the people that matter the most to me
  • I work to accomplish the things on my daily checklist
  • I appreciate the abilities I have and look at my daily struggles as a blessing

As I thought about a few of the things, the first animal that popped into my head was a Hippo. I don’t know why it was a Hippo but I felt like we would connect. My idea of a Hippo was that they are big, strong and protective but also very carefree and relaxed. I imagine Hippos floating around, enjoying the cool air and warm water. Being at peace with life and protecting the area they call home. I didn’t know if I was right, it was just my perception of Hippos.

I decided to look up the Hippo as a spirit animal and this is what I found:

He is reminding you that if you have become bored with your life you have the creative power to stir things up and revitalize things by starting new projects, goals and spiritual connections. Do this by following the tried and true methods of reaching your goals and focus on the success of your projects. Take the time to dream your dreams and choose the path that will be right for you to achieve them. Understand that you will need to commit to your goals in order to fulfill them.” — Spirit-Animals.com

Reading this made me think about work, about what I’ve been doing in my life. I really want to bring my Josh Speaks idea to the highest level possible but I find myself struggling to organize myself.

I can stick to a schedule but after a while I find myself following the pattern but no longer following the process. After reading Thich Nhat Hanh’s book “Anger” I decided to listen to his spiritual teachings.

You have an innate ability to know what lies beneath the surface of any situation. You see and speak the truth and will demand that others respect that truth. You are highly intuitive and act on your intuition without hesitation or questioning it. You are practical, balanced and grounded in your lifestyle. You will often submerge yourself in in the creative process without fear of the power emotions that surface in this process.” — Spirit-Animals.com

Maybe the hippo is trying to tell me to remember my purpose. Remember the things I want to do, the people I want to help and the smiles I want to create. I was born with the gift to translate and motivate others. I cannot escape these skills, they’ve followed me everywhere in my life. I’ve never thought twice about “doing”, I simply do because I know I can do it and I can do it well.

The hippo is trying to show me that I need to focus my attention on what I am doing today, right now, this second.

From here I can go there and when I am there, I will be here.