#Weekend Recommend — March Roundup!

Super busy with school right now so I didn’t get to my sunday Top 100 review (sorry.) so this will have to suffice for now. SO many things.

One of my favourite comedians/podcasters gets his own HBO/Apatow produced TV series

A) Baby Driver Trailer

Holy hell. Yes. Edgar Wright (Hot Fuzz/Shaun of the Dead/Scott Pilgrim) is BACK. And looking good. So good.

B) Crashing (HBO series)

Pete Holmes is a great podcaster and wonderful comedian, and he’s now got a semi-autobiographical (but like…pretty biographical if you’ve heard his podcast) TV comedy show that I am loving. It’s a bit of a slow burn but OH MAN by episode 4 it is PAINFUL and deliciously hilarious. Get into it!

C) La La Land

Ya. It didn’t win Best Picture, but dang is it good. It is firmly modern while hearkening back to a glamorous era of Hollywood long past. It’s gorgeous. The colours, the sounds, everything. Oh and I’ve had the soundtrack on high rotation since seeing it.

D) Dave Chappelle — The Age of Spin

Dave Chappelle is back with his first stand up special in 10 years and it’s TWO specials. The first one, The Age of Spin, is pretty much comedy perfection; witness a master at work. The second is solid, but the first one is pure gold. Seriously. Check it out.

E) Kendrick Lamar —”The Heart Part IV”

King Kendrick is back with one heck of a ride. Calling out the competition, and having the music morph behind him as his mood shifts, it’s an exciting shift in direction and it just makes me stoked for whatever is coming next.