#WeekendRecommend — The Price of Perfection

Five of my favourite things from the last week!

A) Crystal Brush Miniature Awards 2016 (and mini painting in general)

One of the winners of this years’ Crystal Brush Awards

So. It’s no secret I’m a pretty huge nerd. And this post is going to out JUST how big of a nerd I am. Over the last two weeks I have been wanting to find a creative outlet I can do in some of my limited spare time. I used to play Warhammer Fantasy Battles as a kid (Bretonnians for those of you who know) though I enjoyed collecting and painting the figures more than I enjoyed playing the game. And I loved the stories, the universe, that Games Workshop had created around the different races etc. — both in WFB and Warhammer 40,000 (WFB’s sci-fi brother) as well. ANYWAY, basically I have a board game called Star Wars: Imperial Assault that comes with a bunch of miniature stormtroopers, probe droids, imperial guards etc. as well as miniatures for Han Solo and Darth Vader, and I was like…I guess I could paint these maybe? which sent me down a maaaaassive rabbit hole of crazy youtube painting tutorials, miniature skirmish game research, and trying to find the most wonderfully painted minis on the internet to get inspired. Then I stumbled across the Crystal Brush Awards and my brain fell out.

Check out more amazing winners here: http://crystalbrush.coolminiornot.com/cbwinners

And bear in mind, the average figure being painted is ONLY 32mm tall. The precision to paint these is incredible.

So ya. Going to a painting demo/intro tomorrow afternoon to try it out again for free at The Sentry Box.

B) A History of Japan in Nine Minutes [Video]

To shift gears to something on the funnier side: this video is hilariously brief and concise but really does hit the main points well. Totally worth your time.

C) “Soundtrack to a Love Story” — James Corden and Anna Kendrick

I love all of James Corden’s quick costume change montages he does, and this one is a musical rom-com in under 5 minutes featuring Anna Kendrick. Super great fun.

D) The Glowing Man — Swans

SWANS ARE BACK BABY! Finishing out their incredibly ambitious and MASSIVE trilogy of 2-hour epic soul- and ear-crushing albums is The Glowing Man. Both of it’s predecessors (The Seer and To Be Kind) made my top 10 albums list the years they came out — with The Seer being tied for the number one spot. It’s only been out a few days and I haven’t even gotten near finishing exploring The Glowing Man, but my first couple tastes tell me that this is going to stand along the other two albums very well. Slow building progressions, existential and esoteric lyrics, aggression, anger, angst, all swirl around in a search for something lighter. This is definitely a little less jarring than the previous two albums so it may actually be a good entrance point for new listeners.

Check it out on Apple Music here: https://itun.es/ca/hVBVbb

E) The Price of Perfection is Prohibitive

I am not posting this because it is mini painting related — that’s just how I found it. The concept talked about in this video has a lot of implications in my life. I am, by nature, a perfectionist. However, rather than this spurring me on to greater and greater heights, it often leaves me feeling paralyzed. In this video the host talks about pushing through that barrier, and I felt that it applied to more of my life than just a potential new hobby. I hope you enjoy it too!

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