#WeekendRecommend — Turkey Edition

Missed last week because had a ton of homework. The last sunday of the month might be missed on a regular basis. Seems to be crunch time. ANYWAY. Here are five new things for you all to check out! There will be a bonus edition of #WeekendRecommend coming wednesday as well: atop 5 list!

A) Meshuggah — The Violent Sleep of Reason

IT’S HERE! Ok. So. Meshuggah is one of my top 3 metal bands of all time. They make complicated, polyrhythmic, music at a highly creative level. Their last album was only so so, but this one is CRUSHING it. So good. So heavy. Live drums so they feel more dynamic, even a pretty interlude part way through before the face ripping continues. UGH!

Here’s the music video for the opening track. Music video is meh. Music is goooood

B) Danny Brown — Atrocity Exhibition

This is one out there hip hop record. Named after the Joy Division song, this explores some pretty bleak territory (the same way Joy Division did). Addiction and mental health are at the forefront here, but Danny, as always, manages to mix in a healthy dose of goofy as well. Some rappers can’t balance humourous and serious subjects, but for Danny Brown the goofiness acts to elevate the pain. This is a sonically diverse, and lyrically entertaining record that is worth multiple listens.

C) John Wick [2014]

Ok. Best action noir movie I’ve seen in a long time. I’m not saying it’s Fury Road good…but it gave me the same kind of intense action enjoyment. I would encourage you to just go watch this if you’re into any sort of well directed and original feeling action movies. Without watching the trailer posted below. It will be better if you just watch it. I promise. Love non-blockbuster action movies. It almost felt foreign.

D) My Chemical Romance — The Black Parade / Living with Ghosts (The 10th Anniversary Edition)

Listen. When this album came out (in 2006)I thought it was ok. It had some epicness, some great melodies and some decent solos. But I was burnt out on emo and all the imagery that came with it (see music video). I had my AFI and American Idiot, and that was enough. This year a bunch of huge pop-punk bands from my high school years (Blink 182, Sum 41, Green Day, etc.) have all released albums. This year is also the 10th Anniversary of The Black Parade. Remarkably, MCR’s best album from 10 years ago feels more fresh and original than any of the new albums their contemporaries put out this year. There’s the amazing title track which sounds like an upside down version of Queen at some points. There’s the cheeky stadium rock anthem “Teenagers scare the living shit out of me!” There’s the crazy Tom Waits/eastern european inspired “Mama.” And a whole lot more. The production is flawless and his voice isn’t nearly as whiny as some other pop punk/emo kids from the mid 00’s. Just saying, I’ve been listening to this LOTS and I’m surprised how much I’m enjoying it.

E) The Big Fat Quiz of Everything

Every year I look forward to the Christmas season because I know there’s going to be a new Big Fat Quiz of the Year. It’s a delightful BBC tradition where they host a massive pub quiz on everything that happened in the last year with a bunch of great comedians teaming up and bantering about the answers. It’s a hoot and I love it. I JUST FOUND OUT THIS WEEK THAT THEY RELEASED THREE (!!!) IN AUGUST! So. Go watch. Enjoy. K bye.

Thanks for reading! Please comment and let me know what your favourite thing of the week was and look for a top five list coming midweek!