What Story Should We Be Telling?

A thousand years ago when 50 sounded old and I wasn’t thinking about what sort of plans I should make to celebrate it (don’t worry, I have three years to plan) I used to hear about the wisdom of elephants.

Mostly it was in books that my folks would read to me, some called Babar and others just called elephant.

Editor’s Note: I think those books were called elephant, truth is I can’t remember so elephant will have to do.

Anyhoo, every time I heard a tale about an elephant they were always wise and majestic creatures and that is how I think of them to this day.

Whether those stories influenced my thoughts about them now I can’t say, but I suspect without them I would still be entranced by them and find them to be amazing creatures.

Because they are amazing, majestic creatures that I can sit and watch for hours.

Science Meets Reality

Even if I didn’t have the books and good memories of my youth I would have the specials I have seen on television the National Geographic stories that I have read that have added to my admiration.

Stories that prove that elephants are more than just huge bags of meat and bone.

They are intelligent, thinking, feeling creatures and that is part of why I would like to sit down and speak with them.

Why I would ask them to read Your Comfort Zone Is Still Killing You and ask if that is in line with elephant sensibilities or not.

I don’t know what I would do or say if they said my thoughts and ideas were in sync or out of line with their beliefs.

If I don’t put on a sweater because you’re cold I am no more likely to change my ways just because a 12 foot tall animal said he thinks I am confused.

But then again, maybe I would.

What Stories Are We Telling?

Maybe I would be open to hearing and changing gears. Maybe I would decide it made sense to go a different way and do different things.

Maybe I would look at my actions and ask what stories are we telling by what we do instead of thinking about it in literal terms.

Instead of asking if the stories I write and share here and elsewhere are meaningful, significant or important I would look at myself in the mirror and ask hard questions.

Or maybe not.

There is plenty of time in life to be serious and far too little for just being silly.

I think the elephants in the photo above know that and they are demonstrating a secret elephant dance.

It is an elephant Hokey-Pokey, a courtship ritual, a dance you do when you weigh many tons and you are trying to convince the fine lady elephant to let you do your thing.

Or maybe not.