Wear your stretch marks loud and proud

I was thinking about posting a funny commentary on stretch marks, but I found this picture on Pinterest and decided to go a different direction. Maybe I’ll post my humorous one for another day.

At one point in my life, I did not want to become a parent! Tim actually remembers that on our first date, I made it known that I did not want to have kids. I guess a part of me felt that if I wasn’t able to take care of myself, how on earth would I be able to care for a human being! That was then. This is now.

When Tim and I first decided to take the plunge into parenthood, I worried that it wouldn’t happen at all. It is so surprising to see how things have changed over the years. That ticking time bomb in my brain decided once and for all…. It was now, or never.

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Originally published at joywmurphy.com on February 19, 2016.