A nice sentiment, but try having a social circle where three of the men are first generation…
Lon Shapiro

Are you trying to imply that Obama isn’t a Muslim?

Sorry. Couldn’t resist.

I am confused by what you mean. To form a circle, social or otherwise, it seems one must have a conflagration of three-plus entities. Ideally more in order to really round out the corners on the plot points. Based on my many years of study of humans, that voluminous number of persons are at least two more than I prefer. So I’m not clear on what you mean by a “social circle.”

But in your crazy hypothetical, if your three social circlists are openly espousing daffy beliefs, that’s a service to you. You know where you stand with them and vice-versa. It then depends on your level of tolerance. Or, if you’re being held against your will (due to you depending on them for your livelihood, or because someone married someone, or because of chains & shackles), your ability to endure.

You may find them useful because by talking to them, you realize how right and smart you are. If that doesn’t keep you warm enough, then you have enough information to tell you to quit wasting your time with them.

A handy technique I’ve found is to move far away from such persons, preferably before they become so irritating as to your level of tolerance being permanently exceeded. Some persons are best experienced in small doses. Thus you can preserve a relationship that would have otherwise imploded if exposed to regular, in-person contact.

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