‘Obama always goes reckless in words and deeds like a monkey in a tropical forest’

Here’s one for you metaphor lovers.

This is an official quote from an official North Korean government official who has officially been given an official axe to grind over the release of “The Interview” movie. The North Koreans blame President Obama for the international kerfuffle and their Internet outages.

And sure, they’re not native English speakers. But I do believe they have encountered monkeys and tropical forests before. Or have they?

Let’s unpack this just a little. Where to begin?

Question: Are monkeys reckless in tropical forests? Always? I think, no. In fact, my bet is they are pretty at home in a tropical forest. Wouldn’t their familiarity and comfort in their native environment cause them to relax more often than not in a tropical forest? Would they always be going apeshit? So reckless in their deeds? Always? I tend to doubt it. But then ….

Maybe the North Koreans know monkeys better than the rest of us.

Now for the other part.

“… reckless in words …”? Monkeys? I get that they are straining hard to insult President Obama, but no. Just no. Monkeys don’t use words. They know that, right? I don’t think I’ve ever seen an insult fall apart faster.

So, sorry, North Korea. But good news: Your insult hit a target dead-center. Do they have boomerangs in the DPRK? Do they have hoists and pitards? I’ve never been, so I dunno.

Hey, wait a minute! Maybe that was the gag! This joke is so meta; so layered … I’m only now just getting it. These North Korean writers are damn funny! I bet they could get some work in Hollywood. In fact, I recently heard of a couple of Canadian writer/producers that have an interest in Korean humor, too. I wonder if we can get them in touch with each other?