Nor’easter, Amtrak & the Good News about Breast Pumping

What do these things have in common? More than you think…

Last week was nasty. Late Thursday into Friday was pure weather drama over Manhattan. Dark, Armageddon skies, killer winds, snow, sleet rain and really no way out. I was stuck, like very many of you. Not able to leave New York. Not able to do much about it other than be strategic with my exit strategy and identify watering holes. Both came fairly easy. I took a bet and won with Amtrak, put us (dear daugher Lila Bromberg was up shooting the basketball tourney) on the 8AM on Saturday morning (the only train that left the station!!!) and settled into Marta where they always take perfect care of me….

So far no news…SO WAIT FOR IT

A few days pass. I call Amtrak to get my refund. Refunded I am. The call, about to end with my customer service agent offering the obligatory, “is there anything else I can help you with today?” And I respond…”yes, you could see if Amtrak is ready to start offering accomodations for pumping and nursing women who would like privacy…”

To which he replies — “yes we are busy working on a solution” — and walks me through what they have been considering. I share with him what has long been my neglected “elegant solution.” And he says, “wow, I like that”.

The take away has nothing to do with the weather, Marta or even the postive feedback.

The takeaway — Amtrak is on the long-delayed journey to making train travel better for nursing mothers.

Stay tuned…