Samantha Stevens, Yes Please

Julia Beck
Mar 26, 2016 · 2 min read

ISO of a Mentor — Try Mine!

She is too fabulous!

I grew up deeply sold on the TV series Bewitched. The premise, a super-powered witch marries a mortal and vows to lead the life of a suburban wife and mother. For eight seasons we follow along as she lives between two realities, solving problems and twitching her nose to right all the wrongs in the world (many of which she created!) was irresistable to me. There was little that would get between me and the antics of Darin Stevens, Professor Bombay, Mrs. Cravitz and of course Samantha’s mother, Ezremelda.

Samantha Stevens was the real deal. She was a good witch with remarkable powers living among mere mortals and deeply committed to using her powers for good. I adored her, I still do.

But why —

  1. Nose Twitching fixed all — what power she had — nothing verbose or showy — just a subtle twitch of the nose and all was right again.
  2. Lived with grace between two worlds — she was comfortbale and successful in both of her worlds— not a limit or ceiling to be found, ever.
  3. Always set out with the very best intentions — legit.
  4. Married two Dicks — yes her husband was played by two Dicks (really Dick York and Dick Sargent played her husband over the series which ran 1964–1972) — and while maybe I did better the second time, like Samantha, I was powerful, determined and on the case regardless of which Dick was playing my spouse!
  5. Martini in hand — check
  6. Perfectly currated wardrobe — check
  7. Fabulous blow-outs (to put into historical context hair-dos)-check
  8. Appreciated by all those around her, come better or worse — maybe
  9. Ability to balance an array of challanging though engaging personalities — check
  10. Sees the biggest picture but gets the job done — check
  11. Signature “well….” — check

Many people call me their Fairy Godmother — and for that I am grateful. It is close, but still, I am no Sam Stevens…not yet!!!!

Julia Beck

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