The Day the Giraffe Died

Julia Beck
Mar 19, 2018 · 2 min read
Geoffrey in better days!

I have spent 20+ years in the jeuvenile product space. The strategist — the one who got ideas to market, brands definded, influencers engaged and partnerships solidified. It feels like a century. Mainly the sheer distance we have covered in such a shockinly short period of time has been exhausting.

This week marks the Jeuvenile Products Manufacturers Show here in Washington, DC. I remmeber the first one I attended in Dallas. I remember feeling as though I was with royalty sitting with Amy Coe. And being in awe of Beth Bessner and her radical new Table Toppers. That was a very long time ago.

I am the edler-statesman at this point. Ask me, and I will tell you whatever you may be curious about. The stories are endless — some painful and some amusing. But for today — a song. Feel free to tweet me @TheJuliaBeck with any additional verses or better yet — let me hear it!

Bye, Bye Toys R Us, Bye


Bye, Bye TRU you did not try

Drove my Kia to the Geo but the Giraffe had died

Big box and digi had taken over that ride

This would be the day you would die

This would be the day your would die

For many years you’d been on your own

Killing indy retailer and small brands from your throne

Then you niavely gave Amazon your Camelot home

And the whole thing was thrown

You began to sink like a stone

e-tails and experiences like AmericanGirl

Took your biz model close to the edge, making weaker your world

Then Target said “toy out” while you buy records from Merle

And maybe some spray for your curls

And maybe some spray for your curls

Lessons hurt as you liqudate

Nothing like knowing too little too late

The truth was written all over the place

You must always innovate

Eyes open and innovate

Julia Beck

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Founder of the It’s Working Project and Forty Weeks. Mother of four in Washington D.C. Lovingly & creatively living life with maximum attitude & hyper-standards