Milla Jovovich in the fifth element

Never Let a Good Idea Die.

Bored in the Parisian countryside, a 16 year old Luc Beson began to concoct the story of The Fifth Element. For years he dwelled on this idea, building not just a story but an entire world.

Brilliant artists were drawn into this world with him, from the French comic book illustrators Jean Giraud (Moebius) and Jean-Claude Mézières to the legendary Jean-Paul Gaultier. Their vision gave this world vibrance and culture.

At 35, Luc finally turned that idea into a feature film.

The world is so rich. Watch it a dozen times and you’ll still be discovering new flourishes and little moments.

In 1941, after a long walk in the country, George de Mestral returned home to find his dog covered in burs. A short while later he was frustrated, his dog was annoyed, and now both were covered in burs.

As he continued to pluck bur after bur after bur, an idea started to grow.

It wasn’t until 1955 that George was felt the idea finally worthy to patent. He called it, “Velcro.”

Good ideas take time to become great ideas.

Keep every good idea in your back pocket. Work at it from time to time. Buy moleskines in bulk or be haut digital with Catch. Just jot everything down, however you prefer to do it.

Build your creative rolodex. Collaborate and share ideas.

And when doors open and the opportunity comes, make something great.