The “My Playlist is too fire to finish my workout” problem.

We have all done it.

You wake up. You take your pre workout. You grab your headphones. The pre workout starts to kick in and you are ready to tackle this workout with an unquestionable fierceness. You are motivated.

Then it happens. You hit play on that playlist you compiled the night before. In my case it was on Spotify.

I was in the zone. Bobbing my head to the music. Knowing that this music would help me get through this workout and be able to post to my social media afterwards with the hashtag #BEASTMODE, but something weird happens.

Instead of working out you begin to dance a little bit more, you start daydreaming about your life as a pop star, the beat drops and the dance moves you didn’t know you still had start to come out. Some of us are great dancers, some of us have rythm, and some of us look like Elaine from Seinfeld BUT one thing is for sure…WE ALL GET LOST IN THE MUSIC.

At least I do, so maybe I am generalizing with the whole “we all do it, right” montra! However, I begin to just dance. I start picking songs I want to listen to instead of songs that will get me hyped for the workout. An hour passes and you realize that chest and back workout you were dreading became a made for tv version of High School Musical.

I guess this is a testimonial of sorts. Maybe it is a warning. Maybe it is an anthem. The point is this…when you make your playlist too good, you take the risk of never getting in shape at all. We can look out for each other though, and hold each other accountable. We can recommend music that is good but not TOO GOOD and we can accomplish this. As Troy Bolton and the cast of High School Musical would say “WE’RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER.”

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