Vibrations of a Vikram

Every single time during my commute to and back from my college here in Dehradun, I try to avoid getting on the blue Vikram with the owl face. For everyone knows that it is the slowest that one can choose among the available options such as a friend’s bike, car or the usual bus. I even get into the Vikram and get down before it starts moving as soon as I see a bus rushing in, even with it brimming full with heads. Sometimes I feel a sense of guilt of disrespecting the poor Vikram and its driver when I get off to board the bus. But then I console myself that tough decisions are needed to be made in life even though they seem to be incorrect in the current scheme of things and it takes a lot of time for a Vikram to get filled especially to my route towards ISBT as there are buses frequently available for my destination. If I think of the number of times I had to squeeze my ass to sit on the inch of space I had found in a fully packed Vikram, it all seemed fine to me. It’s like a fully blown workout for your leg muscles. Those moments of pain certainly have not gone down in vain though as I have received some “sexy ass” comments from some ladies. Yeah, that’s right. Vikram can also become a gym trainer for you. Having said ,that he himself has a very square box shaped rear that has nothing sexy about it.That is a testimony to my observation that we don’t need to be a great player to be a great coach.

Sometimes the Vikram starts off rolling when it has hardly any passenger as it has waited desperately long enough without any avail. The engine with its life of its own makes everyone sitting in it acknowledge its presence with its loud roaring thump. After a tiring day at college when I lay my head on the side rails, I could feel the vibrations of the engine massaging my head. That definitely titillates the right parts of my brain drawing me into a slumber. Things aren’t so rosy though as you get rudely awakened by a hit on the head when we reach a speed breaker. When the whole world is rushing past you in its madness one vehicle at a time, you get a chance to sit back and relax and look at life from a bigger perspective. That’s when you see on the rearview mirror that the driver has a steering wheel rather than a commonly found handle bar on a three wheeler vehicle. The interiors are always interesting in a Vikram though we hardly notice them lost in our own mind’s ocean. Sometimes a beautiful flowery pattern of green and gold reminding you of an Islamic wedding ceremony you have seen somewhere in a TV, or sometimes dim pink lights flashing making an atmosphere of a disco club that you have never been to in your life after the sun goes down. If you think about talking to someone in a Vikram you better think twice because the sound levels present makes you feel like you are forced to listen to that ever talkative girl you know who just can’t keep her mouth shut and you are too polite to ask her to do so. Finally when its time to get down at my place I press the door bell switch usually found in our homes to find out it doesn’t work like the one at my home. Hopefully the driver has a good day behind the wheels. All of these memories for ten ruppees is all worth it in the end. I say thank you as I hand over the smiling Gandhi to him. But he won’t listen as the roar of the engine won’t just stop.