The time I started a new blog (again)

I tend to get very, very excited over things many people would consider trivial.

When the sequel to Pacific Rim was announced last summer, I flipped out. Like, went overboard on Facebook, both my Twitters, Tumblr — you name it, I was talking about Pacific Rim 2 on it. The first movie had been my favorite movie of 2013; how could I not be thrilled it was getting a sequel? That was my thought process behind sharing the news with (literally) everyone I knew, even though most probably couldn’t care less.

It gets worse when my favorite TV shows enter the ring. Last January, I started each day with a status counting down to the season two premiere of Hannibal; on the night of the premiere my friend and I threw a viewing party in our dorm, complete with fancy (to us) food, real glass dishes and a deep red punch that looked enough like wine for our intents and purposes (we were a dry campus with RAs frequently on the prowl for rule violators). I livetweet every episode as it airs, share photos from its Facebook page, was an avid participant in the initial #SaveHannibal campaign. I follow news about the show almost religiously and share every update, some multiple times. I’ve dressed up as the Nightmare Stag for Halloween, watched the seasons multiple times and based my derby name on a Hannibal Lecter pun. It’s really kind of ridiculous how into this I get.

Constantine’s untimely cancellation? Extremely bitter. New Marvel movies? Always see them within a week of their release, if not opening weekend or the late Thursday shows before release day. The fourth Mass Effect game being announced at E3 last year? The video still makes me cry with sheer happiness. The A.V. Club’s Twitter bio says “Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed” and I feel like that applies to me, too (if you’re from The A.V. Club and you’re reading this: hi, my name’s Emily, I’d be a great addition to your staff and let me send you some writing samples to show you why).

I mean, I get excited about other things too. Earning my derby name and being hitting eligible? Best Monday night ever! Visiting friends I haven’t seen in a long time? Awesome! Making a really complicated cake taste really good the first time I try the recipe? It’s a miracle!

Those things don’t happen very often though. It makes sense to other people that achieving something or reuniting with someone gets me excited. A surreal, morbid TV show, though? Another movie about robots fighting monsters? A video game? I’ve gotten a lot of strange looks.

Luckily, I have fantastic friends who love the same things I do just as much. When we catch up with each other, we talk about our lives, sure, but we also swap theories about what’ll happen next on Hannibal and tell entertaining stories about that time we wussed out of Outlast after not even five minutes of play or basically broke the game with a certain gun in Borderlands. We’ve argued over our choices in The Walking Dead, analyzed movies ranging from North by Northwest to Fight Club and everything in between. These media have provided a common experience to get us all talking to each other, which allows us to figure out what each person likes, dislikes and is like, which in turn lets us be open with each other and form close relationships.

I get overly excited about pop culture, but I have a good reason. It’s something I share with my friends. We can be in different cities, states or even continents, but our common love of pieces of pop culture keeps us close.

I’m hoping this blog can become a place for me to share this excitement beyond constantly bothering my friends and family with it. I have a lot of ideas I want to try out and I can’t wait to start them.

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