UXDI: Introducing Self

Hey. I’m Justin.

I’ve Been a Game Designer

I’ve been an independent game-making professional for a good part of my life. I’ve always been fascinated and intrigued by interactive systems, and games in particular lent themselves very nicely to that interest. Gamemaking is a very challenging and intriguing field, often too easily overlooked or derided time-killing activities or a juvenile obsessions.

For those of us not too familiar with the nature of games, if you could spare the time to examine them in their own right, you’ll find they carry a great deal of depth, complexity and intellectual sophistication. From a more artistic standpoint, it’s about expressing ideas and abstract concepts through a dynamic, interactive medium. From a design standpoint, it’s about creating fictional, self-contained situations and environments for players* to interact with — for purposes of fun, among other forms of emotional engagement, while paying attention to (using UX parlance here) ease-of-use and pleasure.

  • players: that’s the special term we use to refer to the users of games.

Journeying into User Experience

Of the many ways to classify digital products (like what we find on the App Store), my favourite is a simple yet fitting one. It has just two categories: “Apps” and “Games”.

I’ve made Games. That was amazing. Now I want to make Apps.

I’ve always had an undying passion for designing interactive systems to engage and impact people. I love the creative and dynamic relationship between people and technology. Journeying into user experience design is a natural progression as led by my passion.

I’m well-versed in game design and I am very excited about extending my expertise to encompass user experience design for digital products and services. I want to cover both the aspects of work and play.

My Personality and Work Styles

By the Myers-Briggs personality test, I’m an ENFJ.

The way I live and work:

  • Meticulous and detail-oriented
  • Organized and structured
  • Values cross-disciplinary communication and exchange
  • Loves visual design, typography
  • Loves coding (it’s more than very helpful for design work)
  • Loves reading and discussing ideas
  • Values exercise and eating healthy in moderation

If ever you’re looking for a good in-depth conversation or exchange in any discipline do let me know. I’m generally excited to find out more about anything in this world, really.

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