June 29th 2020, the day of the Great Purge: As border tensions simmered between India and China, India’s IT Ministry led what’s been called a ‘digital surgical strike’ — kicking out 59 Chinese applications from the Indian internet ecosystem.

The world’s most valuable startup — ByteDance was staring at losing its largest market outside China. India accounted for one-third of TikTok’s users worldwide. And poof — it was gone. Before ByteDance could mull over its crushed ambitions, Trump was already aiming to take down TikTok in the United States.

TikTokers in India, especially influencers on the platform, were shocked and in a frenzy to find alternatives. While users jumped on to several apps to keep scrolling, the night of June 29 was unending for TikTok stars. Imagine spending months on building an audience and even a living on a platform, and the next day — everything vanishes! …

Part III

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Has the Corona Virus led to higher e-commerce adoption in India? Are a greater number of people across cities prefer to purchase products online?

Internet pundits have been claiming that there is now widespread adoption of online shopping as a result of the lockdowns. However, his is a questionable claim.

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It’s true that e-commerce adoption has grown but it seems that this growth has had little to do with Covid — at least in the short term.

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Table 1: Percentage of Internet Users who Shop online relative to internet population of that City Tier

Part II

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In continuation of our previous newsletter (read here); we’re exploring where sales for e-commerce companies have come from. Which Categories are driving revenues and what products within these categories are responsible?

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All Dressed Up and Nowhere to go?



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