Fit by Bit?

If only buying a fitness band was the same as being fit.

We’d all be like this:

In reality this is us:

Why can’t it be as simple as this:

No, we didn’t just figure out how to embed GIFs.

Moving on, Fitbit isn’t our wearable of choice — not even a close second. That position is being contested for by Intex and Jawbone.

The Mi Band by Xiaomi has become India’s favourite fitness wearable. Why? Take a look at the prices:

Xiaomi & Intex know what many users refuse to admit — that ultimately this is a technology enabled piece of jewelry first and a health tracker second. There is a limited amount an Indian customer will pay for this item and their market shares are representative of that knowledge.

Indian customers, even those who consider buying fitness wearables are extremely value conscious. They know that the amount of utility they’ll get out of this purchase depends entirely on their own efforts.

Frankly, Fitbit and Jawbones penetration in the Indian market is really impressive. Despite the high price — they are extremely material. This may sound at odds with what I said earlier about pricing but you’ll find that the trend for both companies is downward.

The real battle that’s currently playing out is between Xiaomi and Intex.

Its worth mentioning that Fastrack is just getting started in this space; in 3 months — they’ve already taken 7.6% market share. With their brand and offline retail network — we can all expect this number to grow.

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