Go Big or Go Home?

An unfortunate by product of technology and its associated entrepreneurial ecosystem is that more often than not we live in a world of binary outcomes. There is no middle ground, no room for lifestyle businesses. Every company is trying to be the winner that takes all.

We’re analyzing which sectors matter to users by measuring how they permeate in to our digital lives. Much of this may resonate with what you and I already know but there are interesting lessons here with respect to capital allocation, commitment and customer stickiness.

As a category, Education is the most stable. With product market fit you’ll also find a high degree of customer stickiness. Also might be worth answering — is Chat = Entertainment? As you read this, keep in mind that most often only the top 3 players really matter. The top 2 tend to fight it out while the 3rd gets slaughtered or sold.

The rankings of messaging apps may have seemed pretty obvious but I did not expect Hike to beat Skype or for IMO to even appear in this table.

Forget winter, AliExpress is coming. It’ll be fun to see how these rankings change in the coming months / years. Can AliExpress change the current stand-off that Amazon and Flipkart find themselves in? Does it mean that investors have to saddle up for much longer (and harsher) ride than they had imagined?

English learning is a winner. If all the fly by night/ hole in a wall ‘institutes’ weren’t a clue as to the need for a solution, then let these rankings say it all.

There’s so much I have to say about this. But I’ll be repeating myself — much of what I think is encapsulated here.

Welcome to the lonely hearts club. While Tinder will continue to lead –all of these rankings are subject to change. Dating as a category has tremendous churn. Rejection & dejection go hand in hand

This is a theme we will be continually exploring over the next few months; we’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas.

Thanks for your time,

- Team KG

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