Saavn’s still leading but Gaana’s taken 30% Market Share

Aug 17, 2017 · 2 min read

Times Internet is crushing it! Gaana — their flagship music app has grown nearly 1.5X in market share terms over the last one year. Keep in mind of course that Gaana is able to advertise across BCCL’s many media properties and pays less for media distribution than any of its competitors.

Gaana’s market share gains have come mainly at the cost of Wynk, Saavn & Sound Cloud.

To be fair, losing and gaining market share is a part of the game. Companies are always experimenting and optimizing their marketing campaigns — gains & losses in the short term could be a reflection of this.

If I was Saavn, I wouldn’t be too worried. I’d be focused on trying to build a monetization model that actually scales and helps the company become revenue generative. (I’m giving up on profitability).

If I was WYNK though, I’d be distraught. WYNK music is backed by Airtel. As a result, WYNK users can download songs without the data packets being deducted from the users data limit. WYNK is also a part of the ‘MyAirtel’ App suite. Despite this grossly unfair advantage, they’re giving the game away.

I was initially surprised to see how Sound Cloud is faring. But it makes sense from a user perspective. You and I may use Sound Cloud, but then you and I could also use Apple Music, Spotify and a host of other ‘popular western’ Apps. You and I don’t really represent the Indian market.

For most users in India — Sound Clouds UI is confusing and cluttered. The lack of regional content leaves most Indian users disappointed.

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- Team KG

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