The Inevitable Clash of HealthCare Apps?

Sometime back, we wrote about pharmacy apps and 1 MG’s dominance within that space. In retrospect we were off target. Market Share is a function of which market you are competing in. Viewed through the prism of medicine delivery — 1MG is in fact the leading horse. But why should they stop there? If access to capital is not a problem, there’s no reason to restrict yourself to delivering medicines.

They’re going after consultations and appointment booking; a space that had so far been forsaken, left to players like Practo & Lybrate to fight over.

Practo’s raised over $160 million, much of that is being used to fuel overseas expansion in to countries like Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore & Malaysia. Has the geographic expansion come as the cost of ceding ground on the home front?

For both Lybrate & Practo — a substantial chunk of their bookings come from the desktop — so these numbers shouldn’t necessarily set off alarm bells at the office.…for now.

The most important takeaway from this data is probably ‘DocsApp’ — an app that allows you to consult with doctors over the phone. If you can get past their ‘creative’ name — you’ll realize that their market share’s grown more than 12X in the space of a year. Of course you could scoff at that number and blame it away to the low base they were growing from but in terms of market share as derived from App Installs they’re now roughly half the size of Lybrate. And that is nothing to scoff at.

They’ve raised approx. $1.4 Million from investors like GSF and Rebright partners. That’s less than 1/100th of Practo and roughly 1/10th of Lybrate. If you care about capital efficiency (and you should) then measured by $’s invested vs. market share gained — Docsapp is probably the most capital efficient company in the space.

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