It’s Euphoric! It’s Comforting! It’s ‘alexalone’! An Interview With Austin, Texas Experimental Musician ‘alexalone’

It’s euphoric! It’s comforting! It’s alexalone!

KCN is proud to find remarkable locals in the experimental Austin music scene whose sound deserves to be recognized and supported. The group consists of Alex Peterson, Blair Robbins, Chris Lopez and Alex Rigney. I found Alex Peterson through a local network of Texas artists touring in the South, and it would be unfortunate to miss out on this important act. alexalone produces music that has depth, emotion, and a certain element of mystery. The band has that certain vibe and sound you hear on your local independent radio station while driving late at night. I had the privilege of grabbing ramen, digging through boxes of vinyl, and drinking beer with the soft-spoken yet brilliant mind that continues to flood Austin with multiple musical projects.

Please click here to listen to alexalone’s Bandcamp while reading the interview below. Where I suggest starting is titled,”a trip to the beach with my jazzmaster.” What we have here is pure ambient bliss that refreshes the ears. This piece possesses a soundtrack-like quality and provides a smooth yet sophisticated listening experience. I can almost feel as if I’m in a fantastical video game when listening, visualizing digital realms that have not been explored. Another cool track to check out is called “home.” This song has a traditional structure with familiar patterns and an energized feel. Accompanied by beautiful vocals and cover art this track should receive all of your juicy clicks.

Q: What is the process like when alexalone writes music and then rehearses?

A: It depends. Before I started working on these songs I did the score for my friend Jeff’s movie Slowburn. Two of these songs came out of this process, which was fun because I would play a drum beat that would be at the tempo/feel I wanted and then come up with a guitar part to match it afterwards. The rest of the songs I wrote on guitar first. I usually take a while to write a song, but these were all written pretty fast so I’m proud of that. Practicing with everybody is pretty interesting since I did a lot of one on one practices and had a few times where three of us could practice. It’s cool playing with your friends who are really good musicians because we’ve only had one full band practice and all the shows have sounded great.

Q: Tell us more about the band members that make up this project.

A: For this run of band shows my friends Blair and Chris are playing guitar, and my bud Alex is playing bass. I play in the bands: Ama, Superbike, and Subspace respectively with them. I’m playing drums!

Q: How do you balance all of these different projects & bands?

A: It definitely takes a lot of scheduling. We just got a google calendar for our practice space and it’s working wonders. For a bit, everything was in a lull (which is when I worked on the Slowburn soundtrack and these alexalone songs) but all of the bands are starting back up in full force so I’m pretty busy now.

Q: Will you be touring anytime soon?

A: I’m actually only planning on playing a few shows a year with a band; I like all my bands a lot so they take precedence. This is just for fun but I also get to try out some things that I haven’t done yet in my other band in this case having someone else mix what I’ve recorded. My friend Will just sent me a trial mix for a song and it sounds great! I do want to play some shows out of town in a few months by myself though, I think that’d be fun.

Q: Tell me about your recent travels. Has this influenced your music?

A: I don’t think it’s influenced my music but traveling did help me reset my terrible sleep schedule haha. I go to bed way earlier now and can get up and do things without struggling to get out of bed which is a small victory. I went with my family to New Hampshire and Michigan, then took a few day trips to Chicago, Illinois; Middlebury,Vermont and Acadia National Park in Maine. It was 70–80 degrees which was much appreciated plus there it’s really green up there.

Q: You are fond of illustration projects accompanying audio works (example: comic book + cd). Anything new coming soon?

A: I’m planning on releasing an album in September. It’s going to come with a lyric booklet that should look very clean. I get a lot of packaging/design books from half price books so I’m combing through them for ideas.

Q: Any upcoming shows here in Texas?

A: Not until September. We’ve played one show in Lafayette, LA and two in Austin, TX. The fourth show is going to be the album release in September, 24th but otherwise that’s it. After this there won’t be any more shows with this line up (or shows for a while).

A: For anyone listening to alexalone for the first time on Bandcamp, where should they start?

For right now with “texas trilogy”

and “a trip to the beach with my jazzmaster, watching it slowly disassemble itself”.

The songs on texas trilogy are going to wind up on the album but more fleshed out, so they’ll be a good reference point. “A trip to the beach” is an example of me playing ambient music”. Some newer stuff will start trickling out next month.

Q: What are you most excited about this year?

A: I think the stuff I’ve been most excited about has already happened. I’ve gotten to see Boris and Autolux twice this year which is a miracle. Carla Azar (Autolux) is my favorite drummer and Atsuo (Boris) is my second favorite. They both just have such a good feel live and recorded.

I would like to conclude commenting on the experience that is alexalone. When listening to tracks such as, “4 ebows,”

I rejoice because something so simple becomes something you can attach to and get lost with. Challenge your ears to hear something outside the box and go see alexalone in September; I dare ya! If you have a recommendation on who I should interview next, please email me at

Jack Killen
Screen and Stereo Contributor
KCN- Austin, Texas

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