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@ Cathal & David N.

Can we please stop saying the Eastern Conference sucks?

Yes, the top two seeds in the West were better in the regular season than any team in the East. Once you get beyond Golden State and San Antonio though, it’s a pretty level playing field, even trending in the East’s favor as you start comparing the full set of playoff teams.

Seeds 5–8 in the East would all have been the 5 seed in the West.

“They just beat up on all the weak teams in the East.” Not exactly, all of the Eastern Conference playoff teams had at least a .500 record against the West. The same can’t be said about my hometown Rockets (sigh) going 13–17 against the East.

I’ll admit that if you compare top to bottom, the West does still hold a slight advantage. 14 games over .500 vs the East this year to be exact. However, when the East did “suck” two years ago that number was a ridiculous 118 games over .500.

So, I ask again, “Can we please stop saying the Eastern Conference sucks?” It doesn’t. It contends. Hopefully, it continues to contend. I like balance.

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