A Comprehensive Guide to Studying one year worth of material within 2 months

Truly a beautiful guide for a procrastinator

Basically, I were messing around for the entire year of my penultimate year of my degree, and the final exam is coming within 2 months. I mean this is serious! We are talking about 20 weeks of materials, and each week has 14 -16 hours of actual “studying”. I am doom 🤯😱

Well, obviously I am not going to be a disgrace to the family and fail my degree. Thus, I have to come out a plan to solve this problem. After all, failing is not an option.

Study Smart not Study Hard

Fail to plan is plan to fail

The first thing I will do is to going through the format of the exam understanding what is coming out of the exam, you can also go through the exam paper. The goal is to understand what is tested in the exam. Next, I will listing down all the things that you need to study/understand. Example: I am currently preparing a module called Econometric, first I list down every lecture topic I need to revise.

After listing down the topic needed to study, is time to get ready every study material needed to attack the topic. Let said the topic I need to study is simple linear regression under the module Econometric, I will then prepare all the class notes, textbook, revision notes etc, for the topic.

Given that I need to study 1 year worth of material, planning is very crucial. Therefore, I make a detail list of things needed to be study for every module that is tested for the final exam, I will then review the time needed to study everything.

All planning is useless, if you are not doing it

After you list down all the required material to study, you will now have an understanding of how much time you need to put in. Remember the goal is to study efficiently. Therefore, you need to create an environment to enable you to study efficiently, first you got to eliminate all the distraction, things like phone, need to stay away of your desk. Next, you need to prepare all the stuff needed for you to study whether is the textbook or lecture notes.

You can always start small to gain momentum to study. I often study 3–4 hours per day, then slowly adding on to the time.

The things is! You do not really need to spend the whole day sitting down on the desk. You just need few hours of intense focus to study per day, and after that you can go on to your day.

I will write more about how to study efficiently in the next post. Please stay tune! :)

Cheat the system ?

After all the studying/ understanding every topic, you probably need to write down and compile all your notes. Do this trick, imagine you are allowed a cheat sheet to the exam, you probably want to write down every relevant things in to the notes, right? After creating a cheat sheet for every module, I will try to review it every day until the exams.

Next, you would want to practice the past year paper, try to understand the concept of the answer and relate back to the topic that you studied, instead of blindly remembering the answer. Any important tricks or techniques you learned over the course of practicing the exam paper can be included in the cheat sheet.

Good luck?

Why writing this? Well, first to keep myself accountable, and hopefully this post can bring some value for anyone that is reading it.



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