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Welcome to the DAOhaus Castle Wall, where we talk about all the cool stuff we’re building. If you like what you read, please consider subscribing to get these posts early, following us on Twitter, joining us on Discord, or checking out one of our weekly live streams.

Transmutation Station

There’s something fun buried at the center of the HausDAO code. It’s called “transmutation.” We talked about it a bit in our v2 launch post. But, that’s not really enough, because we believe that transmutation is a big deal. It’s not just a big deal because it’s a DAO thing; It’s a big…

It’s a question of speed vs. decentralization.

Welcome to DAOhaus. Where I’m obviously going to be writing about why DAOs are awesome, and you could probably use one… right? Well, yeah, we’ll get to that. But, the answer, like most things in life and crypto, isn’t so simple. The answers to the ultimate question, “multi-sig or DAO?” exist on a spectrum. Regardless of bias, this is where we live at DAOhaus, so we’ve done some thinking on the matter.

Here’s what we’ve got: (Read the thread from hausDAO member Spencer Graham. 👇)

You back? Cool. …

Too much Sushi giving you a headache? Take two DAO and call us in the morning.

“SUSHI Chef” did 6 days of work, made a million dollars a day, and on the seventh day rested in his Lambo. Then he gave it all back!

In this doc we’ll explore how we could’ve avoided all the SUSHI drama in the first place.

What Happened ❓

A lot… You can learn all about it on DeFi Rate.


Our Motivation 🦾

We’re not really here to jump in on the fight over how this…

What is a Fair Launch, and what LexDAO thinks it looks like. (w 🍣 on the menu.)

What is fair? ⚖️

First off, one of the points that comes up eventually in a discussion of the “fair launch” phenomenon is this question: “what does fair mean anyway?” This is not what we’re here to discuss. It is too deep a philosophical rabbit-hole. What is worth mentioning is the notion of “fairness” exists. This is the part that matters. People have built in detectors for fairness. If someone says to you “that’s not fair” you just kinda know what it means.

We’re not here to fight out what is actually “fair.” As legal engineers we start from the assumption that this is…

Think we’ve only been out there talking about “legal wrappers?” Nope. We’re using them too. Learn about our legal wrapper.

As you might expect from a bunch of legal minds, the first thing that LexDAO found itself concerned with upon summoning was how our DAO would be organized — legally speaking. We’ve already been out there talking about “Legal Wrappers” for DAOs so, here’s a look at where we landed as we deployed our own wrapper.

What is a legal wrapper?

A legal wrapper is pretty much just a boring old legal “company.” People have been using the legal system to organize themselves and handle their rights and privileges for centuries. …

The time to tokenize yourself has come!

One of our underlying goals at LexDAO is to develop a library of Web 3 tools we stand behind. Today we’re launching the new version of https://lexdao.org and our first “certified” dApp, a personal token factory. Visit the site to learn more about LexDAO, and personal tokens!

There’s an apt analogy in the “crypto-mining” phenomenon. We think it’s useful for reframing a lot of things. Like legal work.

Where’s the Rush?

The law is notoriously slow. Sometimes that’s okay–no one wants a hasty murder trial. Because its business is the law, the legal profession is also notoriously slow, both in operation and adaptation. But, software is eating the world and this means that the law and lawyers must adapt. Not because “disruption” is popular, but because law and order are critical to society.

There is a reason that we have “the right to speak to an attorney” upon arrest in the United States: laws are complicated. We, quite literally, do not expect the average citizen to understand them fully. And so…

Our whitepaper was published February 16, 2018.

It has been a year.


We haven’t talked much, because we’ve been learning, and building things: the team, the roadmap, tools. In a whirlwind year, it was time to put our heads down.

If you gave us your email address, I promised not to spam you. — I hope an update once a year isn’t too much to bear 😎 But, shortly we will have more regular updates (and a podcast) as we move into beta testing.

A lot has happened in the year since our whitepaper release, but of greatest importance at this stage in a project, we put together a killer team.

Our Team:

“We don’t really know what’s going on past a point on Jupiter. Maybe it’s a big party we’re missing out on.”

Heyo, Zengineers!

This week we’re wrapping up an epic three part ride through our solar system.

In part one we talked about our solar system as a whole, the earth, the moon, and the sun. In part two we descended upon the rocky planets (Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars).

In this third and final piece, we find our way through the asteroid belt, past Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, and Uranus before exploring the final reaches of our solar system with everyone’s favorite dwarf planet, Pluto and its tens or maybe thousands of friends spiraling around in the icy darkness at…

“Sea level rise is a very real problem when you live on a peninsula. At some point there’s just no more room.”

Hey there Zengineers!

This week we’re chatting with Scott MacMullan. He’s host of The Annapolis Podcast, a lawyer, and recently ran for local office. We chat about the process of running for office, why Scott ran, and talk about a bunch of the unique challenges facing Annapolis as a waterfront town in a race against climate change. Enjoy! Reach us at https://zengineeringpodcast.com for the show notes as always!


Adam & Brian

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