Why I’m Not Watching The Olympic Games
Crystal A. deGregory, PhD

I’m tired of the television executives who put Simone Biles at 11PM when my 10 year old daughter can’t stay up to watch. Instead they show 4 hours of Michael Phelps staring like a depraved coyote waiting for a 1 minute race.

The only coverage not completely US centric was ladies beach volleyball filmed with cameras looking up from two feet off the ground. The cameras mysteriously moved to fifteen feet high and looking down for the men.

Nobody cares about white lives either unless they’re the bleach blonde daughters of rich executives. I remember Natalee Holloway disappearing on a vacation party in Jamaica in 2005. I remember 24 hour six month coverage and thinking, how many kids were murdered or kidnapped with no mention during the same period without any thought or mention.

Race matters, but it matters far less than sex or money.