AMA of THEKEY on Telegram at 21:00 Saturday Beijing time (GMT 13:00, Saturday, Nov 25th 2017) after big announcement

Hi, there!

Greatly encouraged by the positive response of the investors and market I have important statement to make regarding the TKY Distribution Plan on 12:00 tomorrow morning Beijing time (GMT 4:00, Saturday, Nov 25th 2017) and I am going to host AMA regarding the aforesaid statement at Telgram ( 21:00 tomorrow evening Beijing time (GMT 13:00, Saturday, Nov 25th 2017) lasting 2 hours. You are all welcomed to leave your questions on THEKEY telegram.

Please kindly note:

1) Private Placement of the existing TKY Distribution Plan will be closed at 9:00 Beijing time next Monday (GMT 1:00, Monday, Nov 27th 2017) and,

2) The minimum amount of investment of existing pre-distribution stage will be no longer effective after 08:59 Beijing time next Monday (GMT 00:59, Monday, Nov 27th 2017).

With your trust and support I am now extremely confident that the TGE of THEKEY is going to be a great success which everyone will be proud of.

Catherine Li, Chairwomen and CEO, THEKEY

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