New Year Message from Catherine

Dear THEKEY investors and community members,

THEKEY team wishes you a happy and prosperous new year!

With you all counting down to 2019, we are all excited to celebrate together the beginning of a new year. I am especially excited to announce that it has been a year since THEKEY’s foundation, and it has been a great privilege for me to have you as part of the THEKEY family this past year.

THEKEY launched its first ever ICO successfully at the beginning of 2018 when BTC was 13,554USD, ETH was 1,349.8USD and TKY was 0.034USD. Despite a successful raise we did not gloat, but cautioned our community members and investors to show restraint as the project team still faced unknown challenges from various fronts. We were, and are still, committed to work long and hard, day and night, and pay the price in blood, sweat and tears only to bring benefit to our investors.

Although 2018 was an extremely tough year for the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry, THEKEY has achieved remarkable progress with the support of its investors. We accomplished the development of our BDMI Mainnet and released our MVP far ahead of schedule with a high design standard. We are making BDMI the core technology and infrastructure required for the development and management of the Chinese National Digital Assets Registration, Clearance and Settlement Center. Furthermore, the team has used the raised funds wisely and realized the essential improvement of the value of THEKEY project, just as I have promised.

Despite all the turbulence and hardships we have experienced in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry, our team has remained true to our original aspiration and objective to build and run our IDV project according to the highest professional and ethical standards required of all listed companies with regard to legal and financial compliance, code of conduct, KYC and AML policies, etc.

In the upcoming year, we expect to focus on the following five aspects:

l Technology development and product commercialization. With the continual development of our BDMI technology, we will look to promote and scale real world applications of our data and infrastructure. This will help us move closer to achieving our goal of commercializing our product.

l Product deployment. We will work to complete our product and deliver it into 150 cities across China. Concurrently, we will also focus on deployment of the commercial product into developing countries to realize our international expansion.

l Partnerships. We will continue to develop our status as a global leader in BDMI, health data collection, data processing and data security by forming various partnerships with governments, prestigious universities and research institutions worldwide.

l Governance. We will continue to enhance and implement additional appropriate disclosure, legal, financial and ethical management practices internally to the high standards of publicly listed companies.

l Sales development. We will focus on building out significant sales revenue across our various business models relating to system integrations, pharmaceuticals, finance, insurance, data service and healthcare.

It is evident we are currently in a cryptocurrency bear market, but I appeal to those of you who have been standing with THEKEY not to be depressed, but to be optimistic! I firmly believe the year 2019 will mark a harvest and lucky year for THEKEY, and the importance of BDMI technology will become more evident and significant to the digital economy.

With 2018 winding down and 2019 right around the corner, I want to take a moment to wish you the very best for the New Year, to say thank you for supporting THEKEY, and I express gratitude for your continued support in the future.

THEKEY, which you can always trust and rely on.

With warm regards and I remain,

Most truly yours,

Catherine Li

Chairwoman and CEO of THEKEY