Dear Commissioner Manfred,

Did you notice the television audience for the soccer League Championship Sunday night? Almost 400 million viewers in countries around the world.

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Bayern Munchen victorious

(The Super Bowl, by comparison, got only about one-quarter as many — 100 million.) The whole world watched the League finals. Not just the US, Canada and the Spanish-speaking parts of Latin America.

One heck of a lot of those viewers were female — wives, mothers, daughters, sisters, single women, "coupled" ones, old, young, very young. You know, the whole gender.


Because it's an exciting game played-and understood-at a high level by BOTH SEXES.

Yes, Mr. …

Yup, another baseball season is underway and you guys are already screwing it up.

On opening day, I tuned in to the Angels-A’s game and saw Matt Olson hit a walk-off grand slam to win it for Oakland 7–3. As Olson rounded the bases, his teammates rushed from the dugout toward home plate. My heart sank. Here it comes, I thought.

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The A’s — Social but no distance

Olson was mobbed as he crossed the plate. I watched in disbelief as players jumped all over him and pounded him on the back. Uh, about that virus? I wondered.

I was sure the telecast announcer would say something, and he did, but it had nothing to do with Covid-19 and spreading the virus. All he said was “Well, this is cause for celebration.” …

Attention Major League Baseball! It’s time to clean house.
And I’m guessing that for all you old white men who run MLB and own teams, cleaning house means only one thing — get a woman to do it.

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You are right! You need a woman — probably a whole team of females! — to clean up the mess you’re making of this season and of the game itself.

Where to start? How about finding a middle-woman to run the negotiations between the owners and the players?

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Manfred drafting a woman?

How about the Commissioner’s Office? …


Don and Petie Kladstrup

American writers living in France, working on forthcoming book, “Almost Home: Playing Baseball in France.” Authors, “Wine & War,” and “Champagne.”

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