4chan: The Skeleton Key to the Rise of Trump
Dale Beran

Really, an absolutely fascinating read. It’s rare to come across articles like this. As an avid internet user, you definitely made me chuckle at some points. The beginning is fantastic, but I feel the argument and the point you’re trying to make really loses steam towards the end. As said by another in the comments, it really is written by a leftist, for leftists. I do agree that Donald Trump was truly not a stellar pick for the Presidency, but neither was Hillary Clinton. It was rather disappointing that it had come down to those two.

Now, I understand your repeated usage of “losers” and its context, but as the piece goes on, the term becomes more and more hostile, and a sense of leftist elitism grows much stronger. I get it. No one can be unbiased, truly. To be quite honest, I don’t agree that there is any problem here, much less one that the left is capable of solving. I’m no radical, alt-right, die-hard Trump supporter, but I have plenty of complaints about the left’s ignorance and their refusal to take into account the basics of common sense and rational discussion.

It’s refreshing to see a well-thought-out argument like this from the left, and I definitely respect it, though I dislike the way you wrapped it up to become some sort of wake-up call for liberals. You make a lot of sense and you touch on some underlying points and motives that make sense, but it truly is overthought to the extent that it’s simply unverified conjecture that I can no longer fully agree with.

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