Guilt and Punishment
umair haque

I love you umair haque. I really do love you. You have no idea how profound it is, the impact you have had in my life, and that of my friends. I wish there was a more private way to put this to you. I’m losing touch with the spirit that attracted me to you. These days, you speak so much of Trump, who we all know is a demagogue, and of the decline of America. It’s almost as though there’s a personal anger, some pain, and some true lesson you have to teach about America. But we live in a big world, one bigger than America, a country which does not matter to most of us. A lot of people have never even had Healthcare, jobs or even a middle class to start with. We need you to inspire the rest of us, as you did when you taught me how to dream. To have great, noble, beautiful and in the end, true dreams.

Please, continue to teach us how to live better lives. We pay attention. Bring back our Haque.

Love from Nigeria.