How to React A Text on Android (like & love)

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Many of you might be curious about how to like a text message on Android or love a text message on any Android smartphone.

Have you ever been texting with a friend who said something funny or sent you a picture via text, but you didn’t feel like typing a whole response? That’s where message reactions come in handy! Instead of typing out a response, you can quickly react to their message with an emoji or emoticon that best represents your reaction.

In today’s article, I will show you how to like a text message on an Android default messaging app or in some man, and you can say you can react to a text message on Android.

Without investing any more seconds, let’s dive in.

NOTE: You must be using the latest version of the default messenger. The only requirement is to be a user of the Google messaging app or at least use any of the updated messaging apps.

Ways to React Text Message On Android

Below I am sharing the exact procedure that you should use to react to a text message with any emoji you want or whether you want to like a text.

Step 1: Open the messages app.

Step 2: Tap to open any conversation to react to.

Step 3: Press and Hold on to the Message.

Step 4: Now react with any emoji you want.

When you receive a text message that you want to react to, tap and hold on to the message until a menu pops up. This menu should include a variety of different emojis that you can choose from to express your reaction. Depending on your messaging app, the specific process for selecting emojis may vary slightly.

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So that is how you can react to any text message on Android, but what if you want to like or love a text?

To Check Who Reacted to A Text

To check who created a text, tap on the emoji below the text.

And you would see a popup that lists all the people who have reacted to the text.

How to Like A Text On Android Messages App

Message reactions are also significant when you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to type out a response.

For instance, if someone texts you a quick question, you could react with a thumbs-up emoji to let them know that you saw the message and are on board with whatever they suggest.

1. Open the Android messages app.

2. Tap to open any conversation to like text.

3. Press and Hold on to the desired text.

4. Then hit ‘Thumbs Up Emoji’ to like the text.

To Love a Text On Android Messages App

Message reactions are a fun and convenient way to express your thoughts and emotions in a messaging app. They can help you communicate more effectively and efficiently and add fun and personality to your conversations!

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It’s the same procedure to love a received or sent SMS, following the procedure below.

1. Open the messages app from the app drawer.

2. Tap and select the conversation.

3. Choose a text to love, then press and hold on.

4. Select ‘Heart emoji’ from the given emoji.

This is how you can quickly love a text message.

However, reacting, liking, and loving the text all of them mean the same; the only difference is that when a user likes a text, it means the user is reacting to the text with a thumbs up, but when a user gives love to text, it means the user is reacting with the heart emoji.

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Why do some text replies say liked?

On the Android Messages app, “Liked” is a new feature introduced by Google that allows users to react to a specific message with a heart icon. When a user selects the heart icon, it shows up as “Liked” below the message they reacted to, indicating that they have liked that particular message. This feature is similar to the “Like” or “React” feature on other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. It is a quick and easy way to express appreciation or agreement with a message without typing a reply.

Is there a like button on Android messages?

Yes, there is a “Like” button on Android Messages. It is represented by emojis and is located next to each message in a conversation thread. You’ll find all the quick emojis reply when you press and hold your finger on the text.

What happens when you like an Android text?

When you tap the heart icon to like a message, it shows up as “Liked” below the message you reacted to. The person who sent the message will receive a notification that you have liked their message, and they will be able to see that you liked it. However, it’s worth noting that the “Liked” feature in Android Messages is just a simple reaction and has no further functionality beyond that. It’s not a way to save or bookmark messages, nor does it notify other people in the conversation that you have liked a particular message.

Can’t React (Like) the text on Android?

Liking a text message is not a standard feature of the Android 8.0 or below’s operating system’s default messaging app. Using Android 8.0 or below, the default messaging app, you cannot like a text message.

However, this feature may be available on other messaging apps you can download from the Google Play Store or other sources.

If you want to like a text message on Android, here are some options:

  1. Use a different messaging app: Several third-party messaging apps on the Google Play Store allow you to like text messages. Some popular messaging apps that support liking messages include Google Messages app.
  2. Ask the sender if they have a messaging app that supports liking messages: If you receive a text message that you would like, you can ask the sender if they are using a messaging app that supports this feature. If they are, they can tell you which app they are using, and you can download it to your Android device.
  3. Respond to the text message expressing your appreciation or agreement: If you cannot like a text message, you can always respond with a text message expressing your appreciation or agreement. This will let the sender know you liked their message without using the like feature.

In conclusion, while liking a text message is not a standard feature of the older Android operating system’s default messaging app, other messaging apps support this feature. Additionally, you can always respond to the message with a text message expressing your appreciation or agreement.


Moreover, liking has become so easy that on all the apps like Instagram and WhatsApp, there is a newly added menu that is text reaction or reacting to a text.

If you are an active social media app user, it is easy to react to any message on Instagram and WhatsApp if you hold it, and then you can react with any Emoji.

I hope you find the article helpful. Today I have shown you how to like android texts or give love/heart to texts received on the default messaging app.

Moreover, nowadays reacting to texts is easy.

Let me know if you have any queries on this topic in the comments.



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