Transfer files from Android to USB stick (Pendrive)

Kunal Kashyap
3 min readApr 9, 2024

Want to Move photos or files from an Android to a USB drive?

It’s a lengthy procedure to do it.

But, We are Backdroid: We write in our style. So I promise I will show you the easiest way to Move files to USB (pendrive) from Android.

Files including photos, music, videos, and all other file formats.

Let’s learn how to transfer files from an Android device to a USB in a backdroid style.

To Transfer media files from Android to a USB drive, Connect the Pendrive using OTG → Open the File Manager → Select the Files → Tab on Copy or Cut → Then locate back to USB → Paste the Files.

How to transfer files from Android to USB flash drive

Below is the procedure to quickly TRANSFER media files to a pen drive from any android smartphone.

Note: Before we move further, Check if your device supports OTG. And the OTG and Pendrive are required for this process; that’s so obvious.

Also, read File transfer apps that have no limitations, EVEN boundaries.

1. Connect the OTG-Pendrive.

Firstly connect the pen drive to the smartphone (with OTG if required).

Connect the pen drive using an OTG typically.

2. Turn On the OTG mode.

On a few smartphones, an OTG mode will prompt automatically to turn it on to start using the Pendrive as an additional (external) storage device.

3. Open the File manager and Select the Files.

At this point, open the File manager and find the files (photos, music, video, etc.).

Select the Files, Press and Hold on the File such as photos, music, etc. Then Select all the movable files one by one.

4. Tap on Copy/Move.

After selecting all the files, tap on cut or Copy according to your need, as shown in the image below.

To Copy, you will find an icon like this.

TO cut the File, it will show an icon of scissors.

5. Locate the USB and Paste.

After selecting the File, l USB paste it into any folder wherever you want.

Summing up Here: Transfer Files to USB from Android

  • Connect the OTG-Pendrive.
  • Turn On the OTG mode.
  • Open the File manager and Select the Files.
  • Tap on Copy/Cut.
  • Locate the USB and Paste the files.

Final Words for Transferring media from Smartphone to USB

This is the way to Transfer files from Android to USB; if you want to Transfer files from USB to Android, read this.

It’s an easy way to perform file transfers. The same method can be done on Any Smartphone brand, whether Samsung, Motorola, or Android.

Q: What if “Copy here” is greyed out? How to change it?

Ans: If you can’t paste files in you’re desired location, firstly, check if the files are valid or not, then secondly, check the USB drive to see whether it is properly attached or not. However, USB drives may be written protected, meaning no one can paste files into them.

Q: How do I Transfer files from Android to USB OTG?

Ans: First, Enable the OTG mode ⇢ Connect the OTG with Pendrive (USB Stick) ⇢ Open the File manager ⇢ Select the Files ⇢ Tap on Copy or Cut ⇢ Locate back to USB ⇢ Tap on Paste.



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