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The Lake Club
10 min readSep 12, 2022


Today we are pleased to introduce The Lake Club to you, a place where the sense of belonging makes the difference. A place everyone wishes to be part of.

The Lake Club is based on two brothers: Bogold & Dexter, who were born within an average family in an average country, who believed that everything which is considered average could and should be part of a community. Being raised with the values that we have highlighted here: the absolute value of the spoken words; friendship; environmental care; solidarity; and the responsibility of believing that to change anything one should start to change their own surroundings, the ones that are close, the ones of their own close family, to be able to engage with others to belong to this great club.


Our community is made of incredible creatures that make this place a magical one: To build The Lake Club we count on our old Friends, among them: Pappa, Wokeens, Ricky and Kyyybic. We want you to join us, to get to know this little world and to be amazed by the lake’s richness and experiences and become part of this Club’s vision.

This team knows the ecosystem better than anyone else and also knows that they will be the only ones among all the buzz.

These creatures believe that the ecosystem will evolve by expanding and developing itself as its valuable possessions and characters interact among them by using environmental biodiversity.

Regarding its future, The Lake Club has great potential and we would like you to be part of this when the day comes.


Our sense of belonging, feeling we are part of something, trusting to be part of a group. Everyone enjoys being in a Friends’ Club where they feel comfortable. We understand the concept of a club as a community that protects, accommodates and helps you to share special values.

Which values are we referring to? Values that we must recover as a society, since this globalized and hyperconnected world on the one hand has the paradox of feeling that we are in contact with everyone, but at the same time more isolated every day. Having contact but not being connected.

The sense of belonging as a value makes you feel that there are others like you, who feel the need to live different experiences as a group, as a community. The value of the spoken words, honesty, friendship, environmental care and the compromise as a human being to understand that living together is living with others in the best possible way.

The word value derives from the Latin word valere which means being strong. We consider you and us as valuable in a world which is superfluous. Valuing also implies love. Above all, we want you and us to be strong in an individualistic world and to feel that by belonging to our club, strength is not an individual, but a community effort. If you are undergoing a bad patch or feeling down, ‘your community’ is here to help you, do not give up, it is not the time; The Lake Club is backing you up.

The word value comprises different meanings, but in our community we specifically aim at rescuing the values of belonging to a group that accompanies, protects and accommodates you.

At The Lake Club you are going to find all this. We aim to feel a part of this group, experiencing a sense of belonging in this special world where we share the most important thing: the same values.


It is time we introduce you to this little world, we are ready to show you our two collections: The first one is the Fishtank Heads, a collection of 5,600 NFTs. Have you wondered why we have opted for fishtank heads?

We are frequently ruled by our heads, more often than not, we make up our minds following our logic rather than our heart. If we have a tank , we help our heads get into places where without oxygen we would not be able to enter the real world. But what if thanks to this we can find this forest, in this club and we can start to choose what we really want by listening to our heart…?


The second collection that you will soon be able to enjoy: The big fish boys, is precisely the evolution of our beautiful tank heads, where they no longer need the oxygen tank, because they overcame their insecurities, they feel part of it, they found belonging to the Club that makes them be immersed in a caring community. Where they will no longer face the same fears that used to overwhelm them, where they breathe a different air, where they are no longer repressed and can finally listen to their heart. Which is what we all long for deep down, but keep bottled up inside.


Why do we have Art in our community? Because Art, and even more the one that is presented by our skilled artist, fills us with life and feelings which motivates us to leave behind what prevents us from growing and breathing winds of change as a tribute to self-help and improvement among the beings we love, which invite us to be better day by day, destroying the dogma that growing hurts, and understand that the limits only exist in our mind, in our head.

So in the beginning you will have a tank head that will help you to encourage you, to take courage and to understand that it is possible and that allows you to go out into the world of our club prioritizing faith and heart over reason.


So that our Art can reach you, we want to introduce you to Kyyybic, through his drawings our reality is possible and completes all of us who have the pleasure of belonging and being part of The Lake Club.

What would you think of someone who considers drawing a superpower? Being an introvert, absent-minded, maybe this artist does not remember your name after minutes of meeting you. However, if it has to do with art, there is no detail this artist would miss. Being extremely meticulous, every single line, dot or shading is in the right place, trying to add up to something special and you and us are part of this work done by our skilled artist.

Fish wearing tank heads are the most beautiful extravagance that we can introduce to you. Fish which want to come out of the submarine world and which want to breathe a different air: Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? An air that can only be felt at The Lake Club.

Our skilled artist humanizes animals through his work. Have you seen them? Some would not be chosen by the majority, but at The Lake Club there are no prejudices of the old world, here everything is possible: toads, hedgehogs, sharks among many others. The irony is present in them and above all the imagination of these beings that perhaps could be discriminated against. However, this artist has a different life waiting for them, a life full of experiences and emotions without being deprived of anything and deserving everything.


The Lake Club aims to be a recognized brand that transcends beyond a story, we want to position ourselves as a platform that in addition to all of the above, gives you tools to know that you can always count on us. We want to provide you with specific assistance whenever you need help to find that place in this world that you are waiting for. The objective is to be able to remove our tank heads and breathe a new reality which we all help to build up and wish for.


As we mentioned, friendship is fundamental in our CLUB because it makes us issue lines of action with people who have the same values that we believe in. Friendships that remind us and are part of our beloved ones, but above all help us to move, to form and expand our actions in the WEB3 Space. Because of this, we are deeply grateful to count on:


Flower Fam

DeadFellaz Community

ChillBears Club


Cool Cats Community

MurMur Cats

Alpha Shark

Tasty Bones Community


We are presenting our entire project and it is time to show you our ROADMAP, so you can visualize the alternative that awaits you if you choose to join our CLUB. Close your eyes and think about all the activities you could do there and above all the air of freedom you could enjoy. An air very different from the one you are breathing right now.

1/5 THELAKECLUB Social Club
Being a holder of #FTH (Fishtank heads) grants you a members-only benefit club where exclusive perks will be given. This includes hidden channels in Discord and real-world utilities.

2/5 BIGFISHBOYS come to the club
Our fishes consume a rare substance that makes them grow and transform into sharks, dolphins and whales. Therefore, they are no longer in their tanks. We all know you will love this. All holders of #FTH will be whitelisted to mint a 1:1 of the new and last collection of the club.

3/5 The Lake Club House
Last but not least, there is the metaverse association. We are going to make a space in a metaverse so that the holders of the NFTs can socialize and carry out events with exclusive rewards.

All the Royalties go to this vault and a governance token will be introduced. Royalties will be used to give rewards when the coin goes public for the holders of FISHTANK HEADS and BIG FISH BOYS NFTs. Rewards will be given in relation to how many NFTs you hold and which collection they belong to.

5/5 Staking
With a governance token introduced, one of the ways to earn more $LAKEC is by staking them (this gives you access to the THELAKEBANK) A staking UI will be created, everything will be accessible on our website.


The Lake Club wants to be transparent with everyone, we do not want to leave you with any doubt about our ecosystem. Finally, we are going to show you how you can mint our NFTs and how they will be distributed among the members of the Whitelist and the general public.

To achieve this, we will set launching times, so that you can organize yourself according to your schedule and you do not miss any opportunity.

There will be two stages for the Fishtank Heads mint:

Stage 1: Private Sale for Whitelist members

Stage 2: Public Sale

Please note that 100 NFTs have already been minted from us for team & treasury airdrop

Private Sale: September 23th, 10AM EST to September 23th, 5PM EST (7 Hours)

Price is set at FREE MINT.

Total Supply for this stage: 5,600 NFTs

Max 5 NFTs per wallet

Public Sale: starting September 23th at 5PM EST

Price is set at FREE MINT.

Unminted NFTs will be rolled over to Public sale.

Unlimited NFTs per transaction.

You can do multiple transactions per wallet.

The secondary market royalties after launch are set at 10%.

We believe in visibility and integrity.

At The Lake Club we believe that transparency and safety are the keys to the success of any project. This is the reason why we have created a collection of Fishtank Heads bearing in mind these two principles.

After generating the collection, we randomize the order of each NFT within it. In this way, we guarantee forthcoming community members the possibility of obtaining a Fishtank Head with unique and incredible attributes in any instance of minting and it will not be exclusive for the first members of the community.

The whole collection is stored in IPFS, so when acquiring a Fishtank Head, this will grant you the possibility to have it always available and not to have it be replaced for a different one. Once minted, your Fishtank will live forever!

We believe in our art and in the community, absolutely all our NFTs are perfectly designed and reviewed one by one so there will not be a definite reveal, as they are minted the NFTs will appear directly as it should be without having to wait days seeing a logo stipulating the market or not liking the current or future protagonists.


We hope that everything mentioned above has helped you to know that there are others who think that the world can change, that there are values that must be maintained, taught and endured. We hope to count on your presence and above all that you know that we are here and that we also count on you, as a motto of reciprocity which implies that your dreams are also our wishes and that anything can not only change but also improve and that is in your hands and in The Lake Club.