Live by the EpiPen, die by the EpiPen
Zach Shallbetter

I am an expert on the healthcare industry, and I can offer an opinion.

More than 1/3 of the helathcare dollars are wasted each year. That’s more than $1T last year alone.

The largest single chunk of it is in administrative waste — a sea of incomprehensible paperwork that requires a huge amount of manual processing that obscures anyone’s ability to figure out pricing for ANYTHING.

So… $203 of her $608 is because of her ridiculous excuse. She still has to come up with a reasonable explanation for the other $330 of gouging.

And, unfortunately, she has one — her only LEGAL job as a CEO is to increase the value of the shares for the shareholder. She is not legally bound to the corporate mission, to social responsibility, or anything else.

Due to the Dodge Bros v Ford Motor Company Supreme Court ruling, the only legally defensible “rational decision making” she is required to do is improve the share price.

And that’s why B corporations are going to take over the world — because people want corporations to be tied to their mission and the good of the communities they operate in as part of the value that allows corporations to enjoy the favorable tax status they have.

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